Fernnado Cejas

Fernnado Cejas

About Me.

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My name is Fernando Cejas and I am an IT nerdy human being, with an extensive background in Backend, Mobile platforms, Frontend and Leadership with a focus on scalability, growth and software engineering good practices.

Active in open source and software development for more than 20 years, as a part of my present, I grow, lead and help teams to be more productive and effective. I also advocate software engineers by exploring new technologies, speaking at conferences, coding and sharing knowledge.

Personal Information

  • NameFernando Cejas
  • Age43 Years
  • ResidenceBerlin, Germany
  • Email[email protected]
  • StatusAvailable

My Capabilities

Engineering Leadership

I guide teams to innovate, solve complex problems, and deliver high-quality solutions effectively by fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement..

Software Architecture

I think in terms of high-level structure of a software system, encompassing its components, their relationships, and the principles, which will guide their design and evolution.

Backend Development

I can create and maintain server-side logic, databases, and integrations that power the functionality of software applications.

Frontend and Mobile Development

I design and code responsive layouts and logic, ensuring the user interface looks great and functions flawlessly on any device.

Projects I contributed to

People I worked with

My Resume.


  • Lead UI Designer

    Big Design Company, NY, USA

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    2018 2016
  • Web Designer

    Design Company, London, UK

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    2016 2015
  • Web Developer

    Exis Development, London, UK

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    2015 2014


  • MA Graphics

    Royal College of Art, London, UK

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    2014 2013
  • BA(HONS) Graphics

    Central Saint Martins, London, UK

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    2013 2012
  • Web & Graphics Diploma

    Tech Arts Institute, CA, USA

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    2012 2011

Leadership Skills

Coral Draw






Coding Skills